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Randall Haynes


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Building Project

Dear ICC Family,

We have passed all our inspections and can occupy the first floor of our facility which allows us to hold services. The leadership has met and discussed when we might be able to have services again. At this time we are waiting on the state and local governments to allow us to gather in groups larger than 10. When that changes we will be able to start making plans. We will continue to communicate to you about when we think that may happen.

We want to continue to work on the facility to complete the upstairs. We estimate it will cost about $75,000 to complete everything. The trustees met to determine a prioritized list and the estimated cost for them. this is the start of those items:

· Upstairs exterior doors - $2,000

· Exterior fire escape stairs - $13,000

· Remaining sidewalks and concrete work - $10,000

As money comes in we will start with the upstairs exterior doors then work our way down the list.

Additionally, we need a group of people to organize and set up the kitchen. Most of the boxes for the kitchen are in the fellowship hall. If you would like to help with this project let me know. We could also use people to deep clean the facility.


Pastor Randall